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Living Questionable Lives! 

 At PLPC, our hope and prayer is to live lives that cause people to wonder! Instead of sharing advice or rules, we seek to bless our local community and share life with authentic connection. This is a small church with big dreams. We serve far beyond what we "should" be able to offer. We love being part of the most diverse area of Nashville and our church is reflecting that love in our members and in our service. Right now we have a team in Kenya, where we have just raised funds to build a school and to feed 160 children a day. Our team is offering a medical clinic and educational resources. Even more important, we are listening to our sisters and brothers to find out how we can partner more effectively in Bodoi. It is a beautiful season for PLPC. Perhaps you could share your dreams with us. We have not figured it all out, but God is good and we are learning to love God and each other more deeply all the time. Don't worry about whether you'll fit in. There's room for the most educated and the least, the wealthiest and the struggling, the outgoing and the quieter, the confident and the anxious. There is room for doubts, questions and challenges. There is room. Come and see. 

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