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We want everyone to know they belong here at PLPC. You will be welcomed every Sunday whether you join or not. Membership is just a deeper commitment to the community. Membership says, " I want to be a part of the life of this church!" Members are asked to use their gifts and talents for God's purposes. If you are considering membership at Priest Lake Presbyterian Church, tell anyone in the church and they'll connect you to the Pastor. There are a couple other ways to indicate a desire to join: 
Welcome! To Priestlake Presbyterian Church

Sign in on the friendship pads and check the box indicating you wish to join
• Tell the pastor at the end of the service
• Call (615)366-0247 or email the church

After you have expressed your interest in the church, the pastor will ask you to meet with her to explore and answer questions you may have about the church and what it means to be a member. If that brief explorations helps you decide you want to join, we'll ask you to meet with our leadership team for a brief meeting where we will get to know you and your faith journey. They will not be intimidating--promise! They'll really be excited to learn a little about you. If you are already a Presbyterian, we'll transfer your membership. 




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