Meet our Pastor

Meet our Pastor

Meet our Pastor – Rev. Dr. Cindy Schwartz

The Rev. Dr. Cindy Schwartz

Rev. Dr. Cindy Schwartz joined the PLPC family as our called pastor on July 2, 2017.

Cindy is a child of God, a wife, a mom and a pastor. She and her husband, Jonathan, have three daughters: Myriah, Daria, and Anastasia, now young women and out of the house except Myriah, who is a special needs adult.

Cindy grew up in the Midwest, but has lived in the South for most of her adult life and calls Tennessee home. Cindy completed her divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, but she also has a diploma in Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mississippi. She practiced as a psychologist for 12 years and served for 10 years as director of Living Waters House, a non-profit center serving church leaders in the Mid-South.  Prior to her installation at PLPC, Cindy served as an associate pastor at Advent Presbyterian Church in Cordova, Tennessee, for eight years. Cindy and Jonathan are committed to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to all the world through prayer, teaching the Bible, and service to the larger community. Their family enjoys theater, walking when it is nice outside, and crafts. Cindy loves to read, meet for coffee and make jewelry.